Asset Management

The Harouni Group undertakes the management of the majority of its own residential and commercial portfolios.

The Harouni Group has a broad-range of assets by sector type and location and has a strong track record of actively managing retail, offices, residential and industrial assets.

All properties are intensively managed in-house by The Harouni Group asset and property management team.

The 5 guiding principles of The Harouni Group are to focus on the following specific areas.

5 Guiding Principles

  • Rental Income
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Annual Increases in Rental Income
  • Development Profit
  • Planning Gains

Joint Venture

The Harouni Group have undertaken a number of significant ventures on a Joint Venture basis and continue to do so selectively.

The Harouni Group continually acquires properties for development, trading or investment purposes.

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